Organisation History

Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Services (SUDAHSER) Foundation started in May 2005 in the SW region of Cameroon Buea as Youth development association. The initiative was started by Sanguv Simon Peter Fomonyuy and a group of friends. This was during a period which Cameroon was suffering from high level of unemployment, school dropout, corruption, juvenile delinquency, economic crises and poverty. The association was therefore aimed at addressing these problems. In October 2008, SUDAHSER was registered at the Ministry of territorial administration and decentralisation as a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization with registration No 01042/ADR/J06/APPA. SUDAHSER works to promote sustainable development, and humanitarian services, and it has as vision to bring help and hope to people and communities in need. SUDAHSER has 7 different programs that propel her to achieve this goal including: Women and Girls Empowerment, Health and nutrition, Protection, Education, WASH, Food Security (Agriculture, livelihood and food assistances) and environmental sustainability. 

SUDAHSER is an active member of the UN-OCHA (forum for the coordination of humanitarian activities in Cameroon) since 2018. SUDAHSER take part in all cluster coordination meeting. SUDAHSER has also created a network of 50 community women groups for the promotion of rural women empowerment especially those internally displaced by the humanitarian crisis. SUDAHSER is a member of the Northwest Association of Development Organization (NWADO) a regional network that work to promote civil society strengthening, through training, networking, information and advocacy, which is actively involved in the humanitarian response. SUDAHSER has 16 years experiences in development works and 4 years in humanitarian response in Cameroon: